Achieve Health and Fitness offers a variety of services to it clients including fitness training designed to focus on the needs and goals of the client regardless as to whether they want to compete at the highest level within their chosen sport or if they just want to get in a little better shape so that they can get out and enjoy life a little more. We also offer program design for those people not interested in working with a trainer as well as nutritional counseling and guidance.

Fitness Training

At Achieve Health and Fitness we offer 3 different options for those interested in fitness guidance; Single individual training, small group (1-3 people) training and regular group (4 or more people) training.

One-on-one: This type of program allows a single client to work one-on-one with a fitness coach, thus receiving the highest level of personal attention possible.

The individual program also includes program design. The client will receive a specifically designed program based on their individual needs and goals which changes once every 4-6 weeks. This allows the client to continue to see improvement.

Small Group Training: This type of program is very similar in many respects to the individual program. Each client receives a specifically designed program based on his or her individual needs and goals. The program also changes once every 4-6 weeks. The only difference is that the client will be training simultaneously with 1-2 other people. This creates a group dynamic which can often times be more fun than working alone with a trainer. For many people small group training is the ideal choice since you get virtually all of the benefits from individual training at a lower cost.

Regular Group Training: This type of training is group based and generally involves 4 or more participants. Everyone in the group follows a standardized program directed by the instructor. Each class is taught with a specific focus in mind such as strength training, fat loss, flexibility etc.

Classes are taught throughout the week and participants are generally encouraged to participate in 2-3 classes a week. Fitness classes are an excellent alternative to small group and individual training if a person is in generally good shape (no pre-existing injuries or physical limitations).