Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will my trainer know what exercises are right for me?

A: At Achieve Health and Fitness we always take our potential clients through a comprehensive fitness assessment prior to developing a program for them. This includes filling out a health questionaire so that the client can make us aware of any pre-existing medical conditions that may influence program design. Next we perform a basic fitness assessment. The assessment includes body measurements, body composition testing, flexibility and range of motion testing to determine the clients level of flexibility and joint mobility and finally a Functional Movement Screen to determine how well a person can move through basic movement patterns that are the key to normal everyday function. All of the information collected is taken into consideration during the program design stage to make sure that the program we develop is not only effective but also safe for the person in question.


Q: How important is nutrition in my fitness program

A: If your fitness goals involve either gaining muscle or losing body fat, rest assured that a sound nutritional program will make or break your efforts. It has been said that nutrition accounts for about 80% of your success and based on our experience we feel that this is accurate. Achieve Health and Fitness, however, does not believe in the effectiveness of diets. Diets almost always fail due to the fact that they generally differ so much from an individuals normal eating behaviors that to follow them for any length of time is unrealistic. We prefer to educate our clientele in proper nutrition and assist them in not only making better choices but also controlling their portions as well. In this way, people are much more likely to achieve their goals!


Q: What can I expect during my training session?

A: This all depends on your goals and the results of your assessment. Generally speaking, our sessions have a general structure that we follow. We always begin with a warm up to elevate body temperature and prepare the body for what is to come. we then spend about 10 minutes on corrective exercise. These are exercises we use to balance your body's muscle systems and help improve posture. We then move on to Core Training. This involves exercises to strengthen the muscles on the midsection. These muscle support and protect the spine, so a strong core will reduce the likelyhood of injury. We then move on to resistance training. This is where we work your primary exercises such as your squats, bench press and rows. The final portion of the session is called metabolic training. This is essentially cardio. This portion is included to increase cardiovascular endurance and to elevate metabolism to increase fat burning.


Q: What Makes Achieve Health and Fitness different from a chain gym?

A: In most large gyms the game is numbers. As long as they get you to sign up and pay your monthly fees on a regular basis, they could care less if you come in and use the facility. As a matter of fact these large gyms are usually banking on the hope that you won't. The honesty of the situation is that you are more of a number than a person.

At Achieve Health and Fitness we firmly believe in providing our clients with the greatest fitness experience possible and that starts and ends with great customer service. Unlike many chain gyms where after you sign on the dotted line you are on your own, we guide you through every step of your fitness journey. From teaching you how to safely perform exercises on your program to helping you make better choices on your nutrition and even to just bringing you a bottle of water if you look thirsty; our main goal at Achieve Health and Fitness to to make the hour or so you spend with us the best part of your day!